Car Safety Seats Can Help Minimise Accidents while Driving

Car Safety Seats
Car Safety Seats Can Help Minimise Accidents while Driving

These days a large proportion of death that is caused among children (especially under 2 years) is road accident. To avoid the risk of traffic accident, parents are advised to make use of restrain system for their infant babies while traveling in a car. Good infant car safety seats will insure safety for your child and the chances of getting injured in road accidents are minimized.

If you are looking forward to ensure car safety seats for your infant child, here are few tips that will help in choosing the right one.

There are many important things that you need to be aware of the infant car safety seats and some of them are mentioned under the following headings:

(1) Ease of Use: Before buying any such seats, make sure you check its rating from the website of National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. There you will find information about every type of child seats, its ease of use, safety and manufacturer’s instruction booklet. More is the rating; greater is the level of safety for your child. You need to select the seat that has the highest rating because it would be the best for your vehicle.

(2) Safety: Safety is of utmost importance for any infant car safety seats. The seat should be crash tested for road safety and it should undergo side impact protection test also. The safety ratings should be high and it should meet the safety standards of the Federal Road. You need to ask these questions to the dealer because if the seat does not undergo the above-mentioned tests, then it is not suitable for your infant baby.

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(3) Car Seat Base: Almost all child restraint system comes with a base that you can easily install on your car in an easy manner. The base will help you to detach or remove the safety seat from the car without unbuckling it. All you need to do is to snap it out and get it transferred to the carrier or stroller without any hassles of any kind. The base is a must for all infant car safety seats and you should not forget to have one for your baby as well.

(4) 5 Point Harness System: The restraint system must have a 5 point harness system with straps that you can adjust easily. There are 2 straps for the shoulders, 2 for legs and another 2 for each lap and you can adjust any of the straps depending upon your child’s preference. You should make sure that the strap adjustment can be done easily and you should select the seat that has one click adjustment feature. If you cannot get that, make sure that the harness height and the straps can be adjusted easily from the front without any discomfort.

(5) Compatible Latch System: All cars that are manufactured after 2002 have compatible lower anchor and tether for children (LATCH). With the latch, you can easily hook the infant car seat safety to the rear part of your car and you need not have to attach it with the seat belt. You need to make sure that the seat should use the lower anchors without tether.

(6) Comfort and Easy Cleaning: Almost all car safety seats for infant child come with padded foam and comfortable pillows that can give the maximum amount of convenience and comfort to the baby. The seat should also have headrest and armrest that can be adjusted easily so that your child has no problem whatsoever while traveling in the car. The seat can be cleaned easily and it should be uninstalled and re-installed after washing.

(7) Side Impact Collision: The car safety seats for your baby should protect your child from injuries that might come from side impact collision. The chest, neck and head of the child should be in a safer position so that no harm is done in case if the car collides with something in an accident. So the seat should have an absorbing versa tether that can distribute the force to all parts of the body when the vehicle undergoes side impact collision.

So follow the above-mentioned tips in a right manner while shopping for car safety seats for your baby and it would ensure safety to the highest kind. Before purchasing, also make sure that you read the buyer reviews and know what they have to say about individual car restraint seats.



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