Top 5 Golden Retriever Puppy Training Methods for Discipline

Top 5 Golden Retriever Puppy Training Methods for Discipline
Top 5 Golden Retriever Puppy Training Methods for Discipline

Golden Retrievers are very cuddly and cute dogs and it is important to give them the right kind of training so that they can sustain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Golden Retriever Puppy Training is important for a healthy relationship between you and your dog. Follow the tips mentioned below to train your pet and you will be on your way towards raising a well-adjusted, secure and happy dog. These are top 5 Golden Retriever puppy training tips that will help you get the obedient kind of companion you have ever wanted.

Golden Retriever Puppy Training Tip 1: Start Early

To get the best results, it is important that you start the training process as early as possible. Puppies that are as young as 8 weeks are ready for the training. In order to prevent any case of continuous accidents in the house, start housebreaking your dog as soon as possible. Your puppy might not be able to control the bladder muscles until they are 12 weeks old. You be prepared to expect some accidents at home and you should tackle it by confronting your Golden Retriever when such kind of thing happens.

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Golden Retriever Puppy Training Tip 2: Positive Reinforcement

This is the one of the best Golden Retriever puppy training for your canine pet. Your pet wants to satisfy you and what is required from you is to let your dog know exactly what your expectations are from him and you can then consider them to be done. Obedience is important for the ideal training. Dogs don’t have any clue what is right and wrong for them. So you will have to think from their perspective and this will help them know what you expect from your pet. Otherwise things will be extremely difficult between you and your pet.

Golden Retriever Puppy Training Tip 3: Avoid Negative Reinforcement

There are a lot of inhumane training methods being practiced for Golden Retriever puppy training and you should not pay heed to them. Prong collars and shock are absolutely out of question because it damages the immune system of the pet and causes unnecessary harm. Choke collars are very painful and miserable at the same time and they are not necessary for your pet. When your dog misbehaves, you should be stern but gentle at the same time. Reward your pet for good behaviour and don’t confuse your dog by sending mixed messages.

Golden Retriever Puppy Training Tip 4: Maintain Consistency

There is more to owning a Golden Retriever and many people buy this specie of dog out of the spur of the moment. So that can create a lot of misunderstanding between the both of you. You should know that training your pet would not take 1 hour, 1 day or 1 month. It is a continuous process and you should be patient until the Retriever finally starts understanding what you want from him. To get the best results, start the training on a daily basis for at least 20 minutes.

Golden Retriever Puppy Training Tip 5: Lots of Exercise

If you are not providing adequate amount of exercise, it could be a very big obstacle in the proper training of the Retriever. Lack of exercise can create problems like weight gain and hyperactivity in your pet which you don’t want in the first place. Make your dog do a lot of running and other strenuous activities to maintain the blood flow in the body. Exercise is very important for the proper health otherwise the Golden Retriever will not pay attention no matter how good the training you are providing to him.

Golden Retriever Puppy Training takes some amount of time and you should be patient and consistent in your approach. Put in your best efforts and you will start reaping the benefits in the near future. However try to be patient with the training and do not lose your cool. There would be times when your puppy will not behave properly during training. You should never opt for physical punishment because it will fail this whole process of training. Try to be friendly with your pet and try to read his body language. If he is tired due to a lot of training, then you should give him a break. Feeding your dog some homemade treats is a good idea during training periods. You dog will have always something to look forward to after training. These are some of the best Golden Retriever puppy training tips that you can opt for your pet. You should never underestimate the importance of training of Golden Retriever.



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