Pocket Doors for Bathroom: A Good Solution for Tight Spaces

Pocket Doors for Bathroom
Pocket Doors for Bathroom

Introduction – When the space is tight, one of the best solutions anyone can find in the architectural industry is by creating pocket doors for bathroom that can maximize the remaining space. The pocket doors have been one of the most favorite solutions during the Victorian era and it continues to hold its relevance even now. When it comes to bathroom, nobody complains about having too much space. It can not only give one the privacy but is helpful in gaining precious space too. The pocket doors for bathroom are an innovative architectural design that can help you in creating a lot of space. It is easy to install and is fairly handy for the DIY (do it yourself) homeowners. The ornate door is indeed a great way to add detail and color to the otherwise plain pocket door used in your bathroom.

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Advantages of Having Pocket Doors for Bathroom

The bathroom pocket doors are regarded as one of the most underutilized door types in the modern houses. In spite of having numerous advantages, it is a wonder why they are not installed in most of the homes. Some of the benefits of having a pocket door for your bathroom are explored under the following headings:

(1) Space Saving: It eliminates the space that is required by the orthodox swinging doors. These doors slip into the wall easily and can open/shut on a single track. As a result of which it can save one about 10 square foot of area as compared to the traditional doors over the arc.

(2) Decorative Benefits: Since the pocket doors are seldom used, so having them for your bathroom can really give a unique feeling to the house. The pocket doors provide an ornate classy touch and make you the proud owner of the home with neighbors to envy about. Frosted glass bathroom pocket doors are a great choice with different hardware and it can provide the right amount of modern style and warmth required for your bathroom.

Pocket Doors for Bathroom Sample
Pocket Doors for Bathroom Sample

(3) Immense Versatility: Finding a way to highlight your bathroom can be a difficult task with the traditional doors. But you can get the versatility that you require with the pocket doors. It can allow you to utilize the space by adding more floor plan. At the same time, it is discreet and it can easily hide your bathroom if it is attached to your master bedroom. The bathroom pocket door hardware is available in solid brass, bronze as well as in several antique designs. It is available in several designs and you can handpick any of the designs by talking to your architect. For more information you can get online and find a large number of designs for pocket doors of your bathroom.

(4) Reasonably Priced & Durable: Whether you are opting for an installation kit or purchasing a pre-fabbed one, the pocket doors for bathroom are inexpensive as compared to the traditional swinging doors by a clear margin of 20 percent. At the same time, the bathroom pocket door installation is pretty much easy because it can easily slide across the studs. Due to the added years of quality materials and refined design, these doors have become far more durable than they used to be a decade ago. It can last you a lifetime without any type of accidental damage or wear and tear which are common with the orthodox swinging doors.

Conclusion – If you want to give an artistic and a classy look to your bathroom, then it is high time that you install pocket doors for bathroom. With a minimal expense, it can give a style statement to your home and you will be able to access other parts of the home easily. These doors are available with myriad options in terms of size, weight and finishing. They look stylish and are amazingly designed that offers the right amount of space anyone is looking for in their bathroom. At the same time it looks spectacular and is the best solution for the tight spaces. At the same time they are a great alternative to the swinging doors because it can save up to 15 square feet of space in a room. So what are you waiting for? Install Pocket Doors for Bathroom as it is a great solution available in the architectural industry to maximize the remaining space in your house.



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