Backblaze Cloud Backup: A Complete Data Backup and Restore Solution

Backblaze Cloud Backup
Backblaze Cloud Backup

Introduction to Backblaze Cloud Backup – Most of us work round the clock on PC and keep saving our important stuffs by using Ctrl + S keys simultaneously. Since we don’t want any of our valuable data to get lost due to sudden power storage etc, we continue saving it. Over the years, our computers become a store house where hundreds of documents, priceless photos, innumerable contacts and countless music files are kept on the hard drive. The point is that since we care so much about our data, then why don’t we are committed in backing it up? You should know that the digital life is always susceptible to get ruined by virus attacks, cyber thefts, hardware problems and natural disasters like flood and storm. In order to avoid such critical situation, it is important to continuously backup the data from time to time. Backblaze Cloud Backup is a very popular online cloud backup service that that keeps all your vital data safe and helps you restore the same when you need it.

About Backblaze Cloud Backup Service

It offers an online storage with complete data solution backup round the clock and helps you restore the same as and when required. Unlike any other external storage device, this service allows people to backup as well as restore unlimited data without any type of restrictions. You just need to connect your computer; install the application and Backblaze will do the rest. It backs up all the data on a cloud server which is further connected to data centre or online network. It automatically backs up and synchronizes data regularly without any type of manual intervention.

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Backblaze provides complete support to individuals for issues with their computer (Windows and Mac), external storage devices, Firewire drives and USBs. It has an issue resolution rate of more than 95 percent; thanks to its overall obsessive quality and technical expertise. The credibility of Backblaze has been tested by thousands of customers worldwide and they are completely satisfied with this service. It is a very good cloud storage service for consumers as well as small businesses. Compared to the local storage; Backblaze is safe, secured, affordable, lightening fast, handy and convenient. It is indeed the best contemporary online cloud storage service available lately.

Backblaze Cloud Backup Dashboard
Backblaze Cloud Backup Dashboard

5 Best Backblaze Cloud Backup Features

(1) Storage Space: It offers large storage space where you can store infinite amount of data. All you need to do is to create an account and it takes few minutes to do so. You can store as many data you want to without compromising on space.

(2) Maintenance Free: It cost just $5 a month per PC and it does not involve any type of maintenance cost. Since the data is stored on the cloud, you need not have to worry about anything about maintenance and hence it is cost savvy.

(3) Automatic Backup: Unlike any type of external drive where you have to connect it with the PC every time, there is no such thing with Backblaze. It takes backup of your data from time to time without any kind of manual intervention. All that is required is a good working PC and internet connection and Backblaze will do the rest.

(4) Easy to Use: Since time is always of essence, this online cloud service provider is fast in execution and makes backup at a very fast rate. It is very easy to use and one can work on it from any place on Earth. The overall interface is very good and it is designed keeping the non technical people in mind.

(5) Set Up Process: One of the best features of Backblaze is its quick and easy set up process. All that is required by you is to agree to its privacy policy and terms of conditions. You will have to select a package (monthly or annually), fill the application form and this service provider will do the rest for you.

Final Verdict: Why Opt for Backblaze Cloud Backup – It is indeed the best online backup utility tool you will ever find in market. It is affordable, works great and is compatible with both Mac as well as Windows operating system. It offers unlimited storage space with continuous backup round the clock. At the same time, it is secure and immune to cyber attacks. In this era when one is frequently embroiled with data loss scenario, Backblaze is the best utility that you should have by your side.



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