How to Get Free WiFi Anywhere you go


This is the best way to access PRIVATE and SECURE WiFi without doing any illegal hacking. You can’t carry you wifi router everywhere you go, so whenever you want to access the internet and you are away from home, this simple app can do the trick. How to get free WiFi which can be answered by the below apps easily.

Yes, you heard it right there is an APP for this too!

This app gives you access to all the WIFI nearby you even if they are password protected and you don’t have it. They are known as the “HOTSPOT DATABASE APPLICATIONS”. Simply download these application and you are ready to go.


WeFi (How to Get Free WiFi)

There are many hotspot database apps that can do the job for you. But out of all these two are the best apps that I have tried. WeFI and app that has more than 100 million list of wifi hotspot around the world including rural areas you might not expect. This app is available on android as well as Ios.

You can visit the site or simply download the app. And get the passwords of various wifi networks around you currently. They use your mobile GPS to locate you and then specify the networks around you with the password. So don’t forget to keep your location on. You can do that by going to settings>location>press “on” or “activate” tab on the upper right corner of your mobile. Link (

WIFI MAP (How to Get Free WiFi)

This is a user based hotspot database provider. I personally use this app on my phone. In this app people submit passwords of the networks they know. You can submit a network too. (For eg. If you visit a café coffee day and buy something you get an access to their WIFI, you can then submit this WIFI with its password to the app so that others can use it too!) This is how the app works by people submitting passwords and networks of the places they know. I’ll show you how this exactly works.


Step 1:
Download the app from the playstore WIFI map link below.

Step 2:
Keep your location settings On. As it needs an access to your location.

how to get free wifi
how to get free wifi

Step 3:
Open the app. This is how it looks.

how to get free wifi
how to get free wifi

Step 4:
Click the 4th tab at the top with the ‘cloud’ symbol to download wifi list for offline and enter your location.

how to get free wifi
how to get free wifi

Step 5:
Download the list of your city.
Now whenever you open the app it will show you your location with the list of WIFIs nearby.

how to get free wifi
how to get free wifi

Click to the closest one and see the password as shown below.

how to get free wifi
how to get free wifi

You can then enter the password and use it in your mobile as well as laptop or tablet.

There are few more Apps that work the same like:

HOTSPOTIO (How to Get Free WiFi)

If you’ve got an Android device and you’re looking for free WiFi, this free app is well worth a try. With it, you can share your own Wi-Fi network with others, including a portable hotspot or a regular hotspot, and they in turn share them with you. You get control over who shares your network, and you can also remove access to it at any point. At the moment it’s only for Android, but may branch out to other devices eventually.

WeFi and WeFi Pro (How to Get Free WiFi)

WeFi is a massive database of WiFi networks, so visit it with your Web browser and you’ll find any near you. If you’ve got an Android device, WeFi Pro is even better, because it automatically connects you to an available, open free Wi-Fi network near you.

WIFINDER (How to Get Free WiFi)

This Android app won’t automatically connect you to nearby networks automatically, but it will show you all nearby WiFi networks, including not just open ones, but those that are encrypted as well.
It is simple, easy, and very much useful. TRY IT!

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