Truecaller Introduces Online Payments, Google Video Calls & Messages

True Caller Latest Features

True caller is a Swedish company. It is well known for its caller id functionality. With more that 150 million users in India, it is one of the most used apps. Till now, its main function was to identify unknown callers and filter out spammers so that the users can ignore or block any such calls. But now, at a press conference in India, the company has announced to partner with multiple other companies to aim towards becoming a platform. According to the CEO and co-founder Alan Mamedi, the company aspires to achieve the true potential of the application.

TrueCaller has partnered with Google to integrate Google’s Duo video calling feature into Truecaller. With this step, the users will be able to make video calls to their contacts easily and efficiently. Apart from this, the company is also boosting up their two year old messaging service to manage spammers and easy messaging methods. Now, Truecaller will move from being just a dialing app to a much more feature packed app that can make voice calls, manage and send messages and make video calls.

In yet another tie-up, the company has partnered with banking company ICICI to enable users to make peer to peer payments. In other words, the users will be able to make small payments to their contacts online. This step is also a positive mark towards the ‘Digital India’ campaign of the Indian government. The technology behind this service shall be provided by ICICI. The bank, apart from holding the license for this service, will use the UPI system to enable it. This does not mean that people who accounts in other banks will be left out from using this feature, both Truecaller and ICICI confirmed that the service will be made available to customers of all banks.

TrueCaller Competing With Whatsapp
TrueCaller vs Whatsapp

Video calls, online payments and messaging, all these features in a single app has made Truecaller a platform, similar in line with WECHAT in China, Line in Japan and Kakao in Korea. These services are first launched in India as a test. If all goes well, then the company might make plans to introduce these features in other growing markets like Nigeria and Kenya. The popularity of Truecaller worldwide is pretty clear form the recent reports of Internet and Mobile Association of India according to which, the country’s online population is expected to reach 450million to 465 million by June 2017. This means an increase in market for the online platform. Currently, United States and China dominate the e-commerce market in the world, but online sales in India are predicted to reach 48 billion dollars by 2020.

India is the largest market for Whatsapp with about 200 million users which is more than any other country in the world. Now, with Truecaller introducing such amazing features, it is possible that the company might be trying to tackle the Facebook owned giant. But the company is not taking Whatsapp head-on, but it’s moving a different area with the same goals of achieving the target of maximum users.

Moreover, the company has also partnered with Airtel to provide a much better caller id functionality to improve the service quality for its users.



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