Internet hurting creativity ?? Question that Needs to be Answered

Internet Hurting Creativity
Is Internet Hurting Creativity

To create anything without imagination is impossible. We are highly indebted to our imagination power for our creativity. Internet seems to have interfered with our very faculty. Internet is a global connection network providing a variety of information and communication facilities. Internet brings forth proliferated thoughts and ideas and it becomes difficult for a person to choose the right out of those ideas. But the most dangerous aspect of internet is that it is much information burdened and ubiquitous that it somehow obstructs our thought process. Earlier, internet was the blueprint or reflection of world ideas and worldly affairs in which it was quite apparent that all the events have already been planned and they have accordingly taken place. But now, it seems that the process has been converted upside down. So Is Internet Hurting Creativity is a very viable question in the modern global interconnected world.

Internet Hurting Creativity – True or False

It means that the world has now become the reflection of internet and the world affairs are being regulated by the internet and its contents. This process is a technology that is changing the world. Though it is not a villain, but it needs to be discerned at a vibrant level. The contemporary world is influenced by the mobile and the internet the most. The utility of mobile has been drafted and designed for the well-being of the human world, but the wrong technique of using them has given rise to their negative use which is somewhere hampering the thinking capacity of the people around. A gun which was invented for protection can also be used to kill the people. Not only internet, but the excess of anything can harm us. Thus, we have to curb the extreme use of the use of any technology and learn to control it so that we could think our ideas on our own and hence rejuvenate our thinking potential.

Internet Hurting Creativity
Internet Hurting Creativity Image Courtesy – Huffington Post

If we analyze the interrelation of internet and our creativity, then we will find out that internet has intervened in the process of our creativity. Children, youth or the elderly, everybody is talking help from copy-paste. To learn something is a rough process. We err and then we learn from the errors, then come new things, they also contain errors; we again correct them and go ahead. In any creative process, this mechanism is repeated, but an internet arrests this very fundamental process and further obstructs creative possibilities. Everything is already available on internet – music, stories, films, thought etc. Internet is a piracy hub.

Internet Hurting Creativity by seeping in Misuse of Internet – 

Third grade people misuse the jewels of internet and become famous despite the fact that they are original in their creations. This has distracted the originality. Such phenomena have not only reduced the possibility of creativity, but also disregarded originality and creativity as an important value. Overuse of internet has very much simplified almost everything and made things easy. Suppose if we have to find out some commentaries on nationalism or Gandhian and we take help of internet, it we provide us bunch of mixed analyses and reactions by the people ranging from extremist concepts to liberal. It is though dependent on us that which view we go with. But for the time being, we more than often, get confused. Ultimately, we will choose the one view which suits us and will ease our task. Now, the question arises – where did our creativity go? Or Are we creative any more in the era of internet?

Internet Hurting Creativity by reducing interaction – 

Today, whatever creativity we come across, it is pseudo-creativity. This is because of the dearth of interaction among the people. The internet has transformed us into self-centered beings who are busy in themselves and do not relate with others. Thus, we feel a lesser propensity to align ourselves with others and hence we choke the potential of exchange of ideas. Thus, whatever comes to our mind is somewhere influenced or copy-pasted from internet and is not original. Being restricted to ourselves, we all, who are internet survey,  have started enjoying the virtual world rather than claiming ourselves in the real world and we have cut-off ourselves from the real sensitivity and sentiment of our society. Through this process and the instrumentality, creative ideas have stopped to be generated due to our over-dependence on internet.

Internet Hurting Creativity
Is Internet Hurting Creativity ?? Image Courtesy – Webopedia

Today is the most problematic and dodgy era for creativity. Sensitivity is core to creativity. But with the development of internet facilities, sensitivity has faced reduction in our thought process. Such facilities have killed our emotion. If we have to create something, we do not pressurize our brain, but we find it on internet. Thus, we do not create but we find. Due to excess of information on internet, we do not get surprised at anything. We now count the members of death but do not feel the grievances of the dead’s family. Violence, taken place anywhere, is felt like an event in a video game. Earlier, people used to write books, diaries, talk to people and discuss daily affairs. But now, much time is devoted on internet in navigating through the virtual world. Being stuck to the internet, people are more self-centered and care less about others.

Internet Hurting Creativity by increasing copy paste of already written material – 

There are many research scholars who research on social science or humanities. Such researches could have been quite prolific for our society. But nowadays, these research scholars opt for short-paste the ready-made contents. This is their research which is based and is a blue-print of already available material. Such research words are second-hand. Even if any such scholar claims to have created something new, we can see that their contents are having deceptive similarly with the already existing materials. At times, what is done in the name of research is just ever-greening of the existing materials. Is it creativity or a stolen innovation? These are just thefts which do not possess any innovation or creativity or productivity. Rather than becoming creative, we have become imitative in terms of production.

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Prof. Noun Chomsky indicating towards the dangerous repercussion of internet asserts – “They are massive efforts on the part of the internet’s corporate owners to try to direct it to become a technique of marginalization and control…..Due to its access, it has become the biggest tool (application) to build consents in human life. These consents are controlled by the big giant corporation. These corporations are in the condition to change our thought for their profits. More effective than TV, internet is making us an apparatus of consumerism by changing our felling, belief and concepts,” Be it the addiction of social media or the chatting sites, they ultimately confiscate our originality, creativity and valuable time and make us prototype consumers.

Gradually, internet will seize our money power. This is because we all are addicted to surfing internet and want answer to any question very quickly and swiftly and therefore, we do not deem it fit to think and recollect. Day by day, internet is expanding and its access to people in increasing. The increase of noted internet users can be detected from the launch of IPV6 (internet protocol version 6) at the place of IPV4. Poet, litterateur, teacher, press reporter and many more are wandering in the vast expanse of internet. Among-st them are hidden some violent, extreme and fundamentalist professionals who create such aura which puzzles viewers or normal internet user.

Internet Hurting Creativity through seeping in Addiction – 

Gradually, the users get addicted to using internet and become its junkies and they detach themselves from the real world and find solace in the virtual world of internet where they do not need to think or create. Psychologists have diagnosed ‘Discom Googolation’ which is a psychological disease which emerges due to excessive use of internet and the victim suffers from a feeling or anxiety of losing the access to internet. In such situations, the victim will be no longer eligible to think and strives to pacify himself by drowning deep into the ocean of internet. Thus, the brains of such people do not remain creative but guided by the directions of internet.

Internet Hurting Creativity A real Threat
Internet Hurting Creativity

Basically, whatever we have seen so far, it is all due to the excessive or overuse of internet and our over-dependence on it. But the fact cannot be denied that it (internet) has also been quite instrumental in rolling up our creativity. If we take help from internet, it will function as a catalyst and stimulate our thought process rather than barring us form thinking. The noxious ramifications of internet are due to its overuse as mentioned earlier.

Conclusion about whether the phrase ‘Internet Hurting Creativity’ –

Today, it is internet that has interconnected the people all across the globe and world has become a small village. A student sitting in one country contacts an expert or scholar in country and enriches his potential by exchanging ideas. There is no any barricade in such contacts and interactions. It is only due to internet that an anthropogenic accident like terrorist activities is decried in the world as soon as it occurs. Such quick responsive nature of the people to quickly respond to such accident shows that people give their own opinions very swiftly. Internet use for a cause has brought upheavals and popular changes, e.g., the result of Delhi general elections 2015, or the Arab spring. The use of social media by multiple users and their quick reactions on any issues on it gives rise to composite ideas. Ever a villager feels free to express him on internet (facebook) and can show his creative ideas which were not available earlier.

Thus an ordinary common man has become quite assertive due to the expanse and access of social media and internet. Therefore, it is up to us as to how we proceed with internet. It has the aspects, positive and negative and we are free to opt for any of them. A knife is used for cutting vegetables as well as for murders. The decision lies upon us.