What is Indian National Rail Plan 2030 ??

National Rail Plan 2030
National Rail Plan 2030 Website Launched

The National Rail Plan 2030 website (www.nationalrailplan.in) or popularly known as NRP was launched by Railway Minister Shri Suresh Prabhu recently.

It was developed for all the different stakeholders for giving their inputs for a purposeful study because the planning for railway is something that cannot be done in isolation.

The decision for building a new website was taken on 8th December 2016 with the sole purpose of taking Indian Railways to the next level.

The plan has been developed after consulting with all the stake holders that includes all the ministers at central level, state government and public representatives.

The main objective of NRP 2030 is for the harmonization and integration of railway network with other transport modes.

Also, it is aimed at creating the desired synergy to achieve seamless multi modal transport network throughout the country.

The National Rail Plan 2030 will achieve the visions of the honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi for cost optimization and integrated planning of transport network by laying new highways and railway lines in bridges as well as tunnels.

nrp 2030
Rail Budget: Railway to Develop National Rail Plan-2030

The Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu spoke on the occasion that Indian Railways needs a strong and concrete plan in the coming one or two decades.

The ideas from the several stake holders will be captured and will be used for proper implementation based on the demand.

He further said that Indian Railways will not compete with other modes of transport but wants to work by complementing them.

Suresh Prabhu while presenting the railway budget at Lok Sabha has said that Railway Planning and Investment Organization will be set up for developing the National Rail Plan 2030.

The organization will draft medium as well as long term corporate plans of 5 years and 10 years respectively to look for projects that will fulfill all the goals on a corporate level.

The organization will take proper measures to develop the current infrastructure and invest all the funds in a transparent and efficient manner.

Also, it will propose several innovative mechanisms of financing for the selected projects.

The National Rail Plan 2030 that has been envisaged recently will not only take care of the corridors at the moment but will also identify and develop new corridors and connections.

This in turn will help in the easy movement of passengers as well as freight.

In addition to this, one would be able to access the services and resources with greater amount of reliability.

Eventually, the rail transport system will become sustainable and long term efficiency with highest degree of convenience and safety.

But this can only be achieved when there is active participation from the shareholders.

National Rail Plan 2030 Website
Launching of National Rail Plan 2030 Website

It is to be noted that all kinds of suggestions and ideas are invited to make the National Rail Plan 2030 a grand success.

The website www.nationalrailplan.in is a public domain that will be shared with the transportation ministers across all the states in India.

It might be possible there is surplus infrastructure in one area and deficit in other.

Any kind of gaps or loopholes in the railway infrastructure has to be identified and proper steps must be taken to rectify the problem so as to make it balanced in all respects.

The Indian Railways is looking forward to invest a whopping sum of Rs 8.5 trillion in the coming 5 years with a total infrastructure capital for the current financial year set at Rs 1.21 trillion.

We sincerely hope for the success of National Rail Plan 2030 and hope that the Indian Railways to be elevated to its highest standards in the coming time.

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