Important Facts about National Hydrology Project of India

National Hydrology Project
National Hydrology Project Framework for Monitoring and Evaluation

National Hydrology Project of India is an ambitious project which is approved by World Bank with a funding worth $175 Million.

It will strengthen the capacity of the existing institutions for accessing the water situation and make them equipped with the real time flood forecast system throughout the nation.

It is to be noted that it is not a new project but a continuation of the other successful projects of India like Hydrology Project I and Hydrology Project II.

But this project will cover the entire nation and it includes the states of Bramhaputra and Ganga basins.

The Prime Minister of Indian Narendra Modi has given the approval for the Implementation of the National Hydrology Project.

This central scheme will have an outlay of a whopping sum of 3679.7674 Crore INR where Rs 3.640 crore for the National Hydrology Project and Rs 39.7674 crore for the National Water Informatics Center, where both of them will be taken in two stages.

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50 percent of Rs 1839.8837 crore will be a loan from the World Bank that will be paid by the Central Government later on.

The remaining 50 percent will be a central assistance from budgetary support.

NHP Project
Govt gives nod to National Hydrology Project with an outlay of over Rs 3,679 crore

It is to be noted that the entire component of World Bank Loan and Central Assistance will be passed on the states and central organizations as grants.

The National Water Informatics Center will be established as an independent organization and it will be controlled by Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation.

Background of National Hydrology Project of India

This particular project is intended to set up a system for reliable and timely water resource data acquisition, management, collation and storage.

It is also aimed at providing necessary systems and tools for making informed decisions through DSS or Decision Support System.

This system will make proper decisions for flood management, water resource management, drought management and reservoirs operation.

The NHP will make use of Information System to create capacity of Central and State sector organizations in the management of water resources.

Explanation of Impact of NHP Project

# A real time reservoir operation and flood forecasting system will be developed in such a manner that sudden opening of the water gates does not lead to the inundation of the areas.

# Integrated water resource management will be developed by making use of the river basin approach and management of the hydro-meteorological data.

It will help in the proper planning of water resource where all allocations will be prioritized and used for the purpose of irrigation.

# The National Hydrology Project will provide real time information on dynamic basis to all the peasants regarding the position of ground water so that they can plan the cropping pattern accordingly.

# The NHP project will also promote equitable and efficient use of water especially ground water at rural and semi urban levels.

# The project is also aimed at providing handy information on the overall quality of water

National Hydrology Project
Signing of Memorandum of Agreement under National Hydrology Project

Objectives of National Hydrology Project of India

Under this NHP project, a hydro-meteorological data will be analyzed and stored in a real time manner that can be accessed in a seamless manner by any individual at village, district or state level.

This project is aimed at covering all the places in the country and some of the salient output of this project is listed below:

  • Designing of ground water and surface water structure and creation of hydropower units
  • Interlinking of the smart cities with the rivers and fulfilling the objective of Digital India
  • Seasonal yield forecasting of the reservoir operations and drought management
  • Proper disaster management by mapping all the flood affected regions
  • Increasing the forecasting time of flood from 1 to 3 days in advance
  • Proper storage of data, analysis, exchange and dissemination on hydrology

Final Thoughts

The National Hydrology Project of India is a very good endeavor for the proper integration of the dams, rivers, reservoirs, surface and ground water and its efficient planning and management.

The need of the hour is for real time data collection and dissemination on the forecasting of flood and conditions of ground water.

But what matters most is how this project will be implemented for its better use and what we need at the moment is proper governance.

National Hydrology Project: Integrated Water Resources Management
National Hydrology Project: Integrated Water Resources Management

At present, the decision making process in all the matters pertaining to hydrology is extremely opaque and only a handful officials know about it.

Like for instance, decision to open flood gates at the time of heavy rain is taken by handful officials of the specific dam committee.

It is to be noted that such decisions can have catastrophic endings on the affected areas.

Hence, the decision of the government for the National Hydrology Project is a nice step for seamless real time data accessibility and it will certainly change the current way of governance.

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