Interesting Adriana Lima Facts about this Brazilian Super Model

Adriana Lima Facts
The Stunning and Gorgeous Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is a very popular model of Brazilian descendant. She has been a spokes model for the famous Maybelline cosmetic for almost 2 decades now. Adriana is also known for her commercials in Kia Motors and Super Bowl. It is interesting to note that she is one of the top 2 models of the world in terms of money paid. At the moment, she is the brand ambassador of Desigual that is a clothing brand based in Barcelona and Calzedonia that is a beachwear collection in Italy. In this particular blog post, we tried to bring some of the interesting and unknown Adriana Lima facts so that our readers and fans can learn more about this model.

Adriana Lima Lingerie
Adriana Lima in Lingerie

Personal Adriana Lima Facts Sheet

  • Date of Birth: 12th June, 1981
  • Place of Birth: Salvador in Brazil
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Spouse: Marko Jaric
  • Children: 2
  • Height: 5 Feet and 10 Inches
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Languages: Spanish, Italian, English and Portuguese
Adriana Lima Facts
Adriana Lima during Photo Shoot

Some of the other fun filled and interesting Adriana Lima facts are discussed under the following headings below:

# She is of Portuguese origin and born to parents Nelson Torres and Maria das Gracas Lima. Her father left them when she was just 6 months old and has been raised by her single mother.

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# Adriana never aspired to become a model although she had won a number of beauty pageant contests in her elementary school. In fact she was studious and wanted to pursue higher education in medicine and become a doctor. But she was shortlisted at the age of 15 for Ford’s Supermodel of Brazil.

Adriana Lima Victoria's Secret
Adriana Lima Victoria’s Secret

# Marie Claire Brazil is the first magazine cover of Adriana Liam that was published in the month of September 1998. Two years later, she appeared in the Italian Vogue Gioiello in 2000 that was the 20th anniversary of magazine.

# She moved to USA at the age of 16 years to pursue a career in modeling. This blue eyed bombshell is best known for one of the exotic and most popular Victoria’s Secret Angel.

# The unique combination of dark hair, blue eyes and full lips makes Adriana of mixed ethnicity and multiracial. About her ethnicity, Adriana says that she is of West Indian, Japanese, African and Swiss ancestry.

Adriana Lima Facts
Adriana Lima Posing for a Magazine Cover

# Adriana got married to her best friend Marko Jaric at the age of 27 years. She has been extremely vocal about her marriage right from the beginning. One of the interesting Adriana Lima facts is that she is extremely religious in nature and was a virgin until her marriage. She lost virginity to her husband only.

# There are many celebrities who go to extreme ends for their exercise plans and diet programs in order to achieve the best toned body and Adriana is no exception to this. She has been severely criticized by several nutritionists and dietician that she does not consume solid food in her diet.

Adriana Lima Family
Adriana Lima Family

# Adriana holds a super bowl record although she has never played football. She has appeared in a number of different commercials that has been very successful. The model appeared in Victoria’s secret in 2008 which became one of the most viewed advertisements of all times gathering 103.7 million views.

# If you think that Adriana is a super model in America then you are mistaken. She has appeared in the magazine cover of several model houses in Italy and is extremely famous in this part of the world. Such is her craze in Italy that she is known by the nickname The Catherine Zeta Jones of Italy.

Adriana Lima Super Bowl
Kia’s super bowl commercials with Adriana Lima

# Adriana has been extremely cautious about her health and has a toned body from a very tender age. She definitely has the genes that make her good looking. It is interesting to note that she had never been to the gym before the birth of her first child. She plays boxing twice a week that helps her to keep her body in shape.

# Before her marriage, she was dating Lenny Kravitz who is a famous American Rock Artist and favorite singer of Adriana. Both dated each other since 2001 and lived in a live in relationship next year onwards. She had even starred in his music video “Yesterday is Gone”. The romance could not materialize and both had to move out.

# Adriana is also very kind-hearted and known for her magnanimous nature. She is extremely active for her charity work for the orphaned children where she buys clothes and food for the underprivileged children. She takes part in a number of charity events to raise money and donates them for the betterment of the society.

Super Bowl Ad
Super Bowl Ad – Adriana Lima Commercial

These are some of the interesting and unknown Adriana Lima facts that you might not heard about earlier. Please let us know your thoughts about this post by sharing your valuable feedbacks in the comment section below. You may browse the site for other interesting celebrity articles.



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