6 Simple Tips to Avoid Allergy

How to Avoid Allergy
How to Avoid Allergy through simple tips

The phenomenon of Allergy is the reaction which your immune system displays towards any external substance which is generally harmless but in some cases may be harmful for humans.

Ditch the Carpet to Avoid Allergy

Removing Carpets from Room may Help in Containing the Spread of Allergy
Removing Carpets from Room may Help in Containing Allergy

We all love carpets under our feet. They feel so soft and cushy underneath. But carpets in our house are the habitat for dust mites. Especially in the bedroom where we spend an average of 8 hours a day. What’s worse is that if the carpet is installed over concrete, then it may interfere with the evaporation process of the moisture. With the moisture being trapped between the underside of the carpet and the surface of the concrete floor, it proves to be a perfect harbor for mold and dust mites. Both dust and mold thrive in high levels of humidity and both of these are common allergy causing agents. So, to avoid allergies caused by these two allergens, we can opt for bare floors or rugs.

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Don’t Sleep with Pets to Avoid Allergy

Sleeping With Your Pets may Cause Allergy
Sleeping With Your Pets may Cause the problem of Allergy

We all love sleeping with our pets in our own beds, especially children. And why not, pets are not mere animals, they are members of our family. However, most experts advise against it. Sleeping with their fur, dried skin, hair and saliva can cause severe allergies. Animal saliva is the main allergen in such cases. They can cause allergies in even those who aren’t highly allergic. If you or a kid has a cold or runny nose for more than three weeks that means it is an allergic reaction.

Reconsider Your Houseplants to Avoid Allergy

Houseplants cause Allergy
Houseplants may be cause of Allergy

Some plants can also trigger allergic reactions. Mold spores live in the wet moist dirt of indoor pots. Even if it is very hard for us to part with our precious plant collection, it is still advisable to at least put the plant outside for a change. Also, these plants should not be over watered in order to keep the mold away. If you spot rotten leaves, then it may be a sign of disease over watering. This doesn’t mean that it’s time to get fake plants as they are excellent dust collectors.

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Run The Air Conditioner to Avoid Allergy

Air Conditioned Room to avoid Allergy
Air Conditioned Room will help in avoiding Allergy

Using air conditioners is a very effective method of reducing dust accumulation in the air and also reduce the overall humidity in the room. By reducing both these allergens, allergies can be avoided very effectively, albeit, at the cost of high electricity bills of course.

Clean Your Bathroom to Avoid Allergy

Clean Bathrooms to avoid Allergy
Clean Bathrooms will Help in avoiding Allergy

For those who use a bathtub, you must have noticed the green stuff that accumulates on the bottom. This green stuff lets off spores in the air that causes wheezing, sneezing and other allergic reactions. Apart from  tub, the bathroom floor, common areas where water is accumulated, under the water mat etc must be cleaned regularly with bleach cleaners.

Leave Your Shoes at the Door to Avoid Allergy

Shoes outside Door Entrance may help in countering Allergy
Shoes outside Door Entrance may help in countering Allergy

Last but not the least, as our elders have been telling us ever since we gained consciousness, its probably a good idea to leave our footwear outside the house. We often walk through mud, dirty floors or sometimes even animal and human waste. All these, along with usual touch of dirt and dust, can cause sever allergic reactions ranging from sneezing and runny noses to wheezing uncontrollably.



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