Potential of Ayurveda in Healing & Controlling Even Non Communicable Diseases

The very pronunciation of AYURVEDA stimulates our tongue to produce a word which is powerful and reliable in its own account. The term ‘Ayurveda’ has a dynasty of researches that has extended itself from ancient Indian history to finalise itself as trustworthy member of this modern 21st century . The recitation of medical knowledge from the divine to human physicians, which develops every day into something that knocks the door of the healthy living.

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The study of the ancient medicine(Ayurveda) states that the human body is not just a body with flesh and blood but there is something which is beyond the physical state that actually unites us with the super soul but that happens under a condition when these three factors remain well organised working as a building block. The three key factors are –

1- physical existence
2- mental existence
3- sound personality

The three keys held together at a point will lock away all the toxic harms that can befall at any time. But as it is said that ‘extreme remedies are very appropriate for extreme diseases’ as a compliment to this quote seventy percent of our global population starts building a mutual relationship with the Allopath and some subtracted folks go for the Homeopath. It has been a few years that the long lost chariots of ayurveda has justifiably recognized its way out to drive away most of the chronic diseases.

The validation of the reasons for the shelter of ayurveda is appropriate as the world mortality rate has risen up from sixty to eighty percent in the last nine years. Among which South Asian Countries are the gruesome victims of these illness.

It’s even getting worst for the victims of the terrorist attacks by the ISIS who are highly under nourished galloping in the Shanty environment are imprisoned in the darkness of the unsound mental depressions. Therefore it has become the prime responsibility for not only the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION but also of every citizen of the world to lend a helping hand in evaporating the impact of vital risk factors along with recognising the impact of poverty and disfigured urbanization that leads to filthy towns and, to facilitate good medical treatments.

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For Ayurveda to be successfully embarked its very important to understand its deep delved causes whose neglect eventually leads to serious misfortune. The intellectual error which is also named as (Prajnaparadha) is the real reason behind the actual illness. . Ayurveda’s psycho-therapeutic tools are worthy in identifying the prolonging reasons of psychosomatic diseases. On the other hand meditation technique is found to be effective in rectifying such cardinal causes and related symptoms.

Below are the lists of Conditions and diseases which have been treated magnanimously by the AYURVEDA.

Osteo Arthritis [Sandhigata Vata] of Knee

Osteo arthritis of knee is a degenerative condition of the knee joint affecting either a single joint or both mostly attacking the aged, especially the women after menopause.

Overweight, injuries of knee joint and certain diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever, gout will cause early degeneration leading to Osteo arthritis. Ayurveda has efficient treatment in the prevention & cure of arthritis affecting knee.

Gouty Arthritis – [Paittika vata sonitha]

Gout is a type of arthritis characterized by pain and swelling of almost all joints especially the big toe. Uric acid level in blood will be elevated. It is mostly seen in women. Proper Ayurvedic treatment with special dietary regimen can manage the condition clearly.

Cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is the degeneration of the vertebral bodies of the spine in cervical spine. It causes neck pain and stiffness of the neck and shoulder area. Severe degeneration will cause neurological symptoms including giddiness, numbness & pain radiating to arms. Ayurveda offers good treatment for cervical spondylosis by Panchakarma.


Tendonitis is the inflammation of the tendons and it may affect anywhere in the joints. Most common form of tendonitis is the Tennis Elbow. Pain is the major symptom and is effectively treated with Ayurveda treatments including agnikarma, panchakarma and bandhanas.


Stroke is brain cellular death caused either by poor blood flow to the area (ischemic) or due to bleeding into the site (haemorrhagic). The clinical symptoms depends on the area of damage from mild mobility limitations to complete sensory & motor loss of functions. Once the acute phase is managed, Ayurveda treatments can help in regaining the normal heart rate.

Hence a lot of conditions can be reversed from an abnormal to a healthy normal state with the onset of Ayurveda. Most of the Ayurveda medicines have been used since ages and have been proven to be safe and effective.

It’s a wrong and unjust mode to compare and underestimate the Ayurveda treatments with the instant remedies of Allopathy. Instead HERBS and AYURVEDA has its own time period to gradually help in recovering from the symptom and lastly the diseases itself to have a prolonged and peaceful life.