We Do Not Punish the Wrong Unless He Is Small and Weak

small and weak
Small and Weak Courtesy - AZ Quotes

Introduction – Since our childhood days till now we all have in our daily lives observed the difference of being strong and being weak. Mostly the strong dominates over the weak as the ill actions of strong are tend to be ignored where as the weak is punished to set the precedent so that the same mistake is not committed by any other weak individual, entity, country etc. It becomes important to assess what is small and weak.

What does small and weak mean here – The meaning of the world small, weak, big and strong in the course of this discussion does not necessarily signify individuals. They can represent anyone men, women, animal, group, country, ideology, religion, thought, job, money, achievements etc. Small and weak here signifies those entities that are vulnerable and can be exploited for the benefit of the strong.

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Manifestations of the disadvantage of small and weak- Since the ancient history we have seem that the strong dominates and rules while the weak dies or serves.

Ancient India – From Nanda dyansty to Mauryan dynasty to Kushan Empire all defeated the previous weak rules to seize power.

Medieval India – The advent of Mughals in India led to their control on almost the whole of India through their military and more than that their mental strength. Here the Indian Rajputs and Marathas got defeated not because they were military small or weak but mentally they were.

Modern India – By the same logic of mental strength the East India Company and British Crown ruled. It was through our transformation from being weak to strong, that we were able to gain independence.

Ideologically Small vs. Big – During the Russian Revolutions of 1917, after the formation of USSR ideology of socialism came formed and has its effects on most of the third world countries. At this time socialism was evolving strong and capitalism weak because the ill effects of capitalism were evident to everyone. Slowly slowly the concept of socialism was diluted with capitalism as the weakness of socialism started to come forwards which ultimately led to the process of liberalization, privatization and globalization in India in 1991.

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Small and Big debate in Racism – In the 1930’s the widespread mass execution of the Jews by the German forces was the manifestation of strong going unpunished for doing wrong and other power sitting silent as Germany was seem and envisaged to counter USSR. The same Jew majority Israel has committed war crimes in Palestine and Middle East with no one able to counter it or stop it.

The interference of the U.S.A in Iraq, Afghanistan (by supporting Taliban) are cases supporting the strong going unpunished theory. More eg. Saudi Arabia involvement in Yemen against Houthy rebels Russia’s involvement in Syria war etc.

Also before independence the Britishers claimed Indians to be an inferior race and considered them as white man’s burden inflicting upon the Indians innumerable atrocities and going unpunished. The reason was that Indians were culturally, mentally, ideologically socially small and weak.

Technological Weakness and Strength – In present times even we compare the developing world with the developed world the difference mainly lies in technological development. Developed countries being more technically advanced are able to exert their influence on the developing countries in one way or the other. For eg. U.S.A social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus operate in India but the Indian Govt. practically has no control over the content circulating on these sites where as in China they have their own visions of social networking sites and others are banned. One more attempt to alter the Indian Internet freedom was through the Facebook organised Internet.org and Free Basics which would virtually have got control of the whole internet traffic, but was fortunately avoided through the timely intervention of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India which deemed Free Basics illegal.

NPA Problem – The Non Performing Assets problem in India is one more manifestation of the strong going unpunished around 15 % of the advances are stressed and are likely to become NPA. Whereas the individual borrower does not have the privilege to avoid his outstanding dues and is penalized instantly.

What Needs to be Done – For bringing in an equitable treatment of weak and small it is important that the difference between weak and small should be narrowed as far as possible. For this the small and weak has to come forward and develop himself through his hard work to get himself closer to the standards of the strong. Also the powerful and strong should understand their moral and ethical responsibility to help and not exploit the weak for their personal gain.

Conclusion – The issue of the suppression of the small and weak is an old one and it is not easy to solve. Feeling of compassion on the part of the suppressor and perseverance to evolve on the part of the suppressed is the need of the hour.