Angers France Best Places to Visit for a Pleasant Trip of a Lifetime

Angers France
Angers - Image Courtesy Loire Tourism

Angers is an attractive looking city situated in the north west of France. It is the capital of Anjou which is a historical province in central Europe. The people over here are friendly and the atmosphere and ambience is really wonderful. It occupies a great place in history as the old gloomy colored slate was found over here during the 9th century. Apart from that, it is an important town in Maine-et-Loire and the place is brimming with visitors from all parts of the world throughout the year. The town is famous amongst the travelers for its cultural attractions and other tourist attractions like cafes, bars and museums. If you are planning to visit France, this should be the first place on your checklist. Before embarking on your journey, you must read our post on the best places to visit in Angers.

Castle of Angers in Angers France

Castle of Angers
Castle of Angers – Image Courtesy Tripstance

It is a historical castle and if you have an hour to kill, this is the best place to be. You will be delighted strolling around the place in evening and the panoramas are really spectacular. The castle was built during medieval period and reminds of the Western Roman times in Europe. Although there is not enough to see inside here but the outside is majestic.

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Chateau de Brissac in Angers France

Chateau de Brissac
Chateau de Brissac – Image Courtesy TripAdvisor

It is another great castle and it is so huge in size that it feels like a small city itself. There are a number of rooms for eating and dancing with an underground cellar where you can taste wine. It is the highest castle in entire France and is worth your time and money. To learn more about this place, you are recommended to take a tour guide with yourself.

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Terra Botanica in Angers France

Terra Botanica
Terra Botanica – Image Courtesy Secret Earth

It is a theme based park which is an excellent place to be for people of varying age groups. It is a zoo of plants and it might not sound interesting to you in first place, but when you visit here, you will never feel like returning back. You would need at least 1 hour to explore this place thoroughly. The park offers a great day out with your family.

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Cathedrale St-Maurice in Angers France

Cathedrale St-Maurice
Cathedrale St-Maurice – Image Courtesy Wikiwand

It is a sacred and religious site that offers a fine example of cathedral architecture. You will be able to see some of the best stained glass windows at this cathedral that is very impressive. When compared with other French cathedrals, this church is very spectacular in appearance and attracts thousands of tourists every year.

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Jardin des Plantes in Angers France

Jardin des Plantes
Jardin des Plantes

If you are looking forward to spend a relaxing day in the hot summers, this natural park is the best place to be. The garden is designed in English style with a number of trees and other interesting plants. You will have a great time strolling this place in morning and evening. The atmosphere is very pleasant with peaceful surrounding.

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Musee Lurcat in Angers France

Musee Lurcat
Musee Lurcat – Image Courtesy Kidiklick

It is a historical museum where you could see some of the best tapestries in entire France. In fact some of them are so modern that provokes a strong thought and strikes the innermost string of heart. There is a 12th century chapel in the neighborhood which is also used as a hospital. It is a great museum to be and the cloister is also wonderful.

Chateau du Plessis-Bourre in Angers France

Chateau du Plessis-Bourre
Chateau du Plessis-Bourre

You will have a wonderful experience visiting this place as this chateau is far quieter than well known chateaus in France. It is privately owned with some wonderful piece of architecture from the outside. Inside the castle are some beautiful rooms that are amazingly decorated. Although the place is underrated, you will have a great experience once you come here and explore the interiors of this castle.

Galerie David d’Angers

Galerie David d'Angers
Galerie David d’Angers

It is an Arts Museum situated in an interesting location in Angers with just a short walk from chateau and tourist office. The gallery is very fascinating and you would be fascinated by the works of David d’Angers who was a celebrated sculptor. It was a church earlier and it is really amazing how it got transformed into a museum.

Chateau de Serrant in Angers France

Chateau de Serrant
Chateau de Serrant – Image Courtesy TripAdvisor

It is another very important attraction and one of the best places to visit in Angers. The castle dates back to Renaissance period which used to be the residence of Prince of Merode. If you want to explore all the available rooms inside the castle, you must be accompanied by a guide. The library has a rich collection of books and is very liveable.

Place du Ralliement in Angers France

Place du Ralliement
Place du Ralliement – Image Courtesy Tout Angers

It is a nice place with plenty of restaurants, cafes and shopping areas in the surrounding. Throughout the year, some events are organized at this place that attracts good number of people. It is a lovely square with beautiful buildings in the surrounding where you can sit and enjoy the trams passing by. Also Explore other France Touring Destinations Listed on PADMAD.ORG



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