Arcachon Top Visiting Locations to Explore the Beauty of France

Arcachon France
Arcachon France - Image Courtesy Kudoy

Arcachon is a resort town and popular coastal destination situated in south west of France. During weekends, the people from Bordeaux come here to enjoy their holidays away from the hustles of city and boredoms of their daily lives. If you are looking forward to visit a seaside destination in France, this is an ideal place to be. There are some beautiful sandy beaches where you can relax and bask in the sunshine. Because of its vibrant atmosphere and number of grand villas, this city is often called “Winter Town”. There is a huge indoor marketplace and huge market square that attracts thousands of visitors. If you are looking forward to visit this exotic town, you are first recommended to read our comprehensive review on the best places to visit in Arcachon for a memorable journey across France.

Ville d’Hiver Arcachon

Ville d’Hiver
Ville d’Hiver – Image Courtesy Hotel Room Search

It is a historical site where you will taken into the past into the beautiful villas that are built in the late 18th century. The place is so huge that you will need at least three hours to explore it thoroughly. It is recommended that you buy a guide for your tour because it will help you know about the rich history surrounding this place.

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Observatoire Sainte-Cecile in Arcachon France

Observatoire Sainte-Cecile
Observatoire Sainte-Cecile

If you want the best view of Arcachon, you must reach the top of this structure and get a bird eye view of the entire surrounding place. It has been designed similar to Eiffel Tower and it might be a bit terrifying if you are scared of heights. The stairway is quite steep and you are advised to climb it carefully.

Thiers Jetty in Arcachon France

Thiers Jetty
Thiers Jetty – Image Courtesy TripAdvisor

It sticks out into sea from land and offers a sandy affair between the beach and jetty. It offers a nice walk during the sunshine with interesting piece of architecture on either side. It is popularly known as the Sunset Paradise because it offers a clean atmosphere and best place to relax after a hectic day. There is a nice restaurant in the vicinity that you must explore.

Parc Mauresque in Arcachon France

Parc Mauresque
Parc Mauresque – Image Courtesy Arcachon Nostalgie

It is one of the most popular parks with spectacular views and relaxing environment. You will be able to get the best views of the city and it is worth taking a hike up the hill. There is a playground for kids with traditional boats for fishing. There are a number of benches that offer great spots for picnic or outings with the family or friends.

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Basilique Notre-Dame Arcachon

Basilique Notre-Dame
Basilique Notre-Dame

It is a historical church known for its magnificent architecture from the exterior. The altar, chapel and stained glass represents an earlier time. It is the most popular cathedral in Arcachon that hosts a number of important ceremonies like funerals, marriage and other communions. The location is nice as it overlooks the bay and is nicely light during night.

Poissonnerie de l’Aiguillon in Arcachon France

Poissonnerie de l'Aiguillon
Poissonnerie de l’Aiguillon – Image Courtesy Escargot Diary

It is a popular fish marketplace that serves a number of various seafood that is refreshing and tasty at the same time. If you a tired after a hectic tour in the town, this is the best place where you can have a hearty lunch in the afternoon with your family. There are some promotional offers available on weekends that give value for money.

Eglise Notre-Dame-des-Passes in Arcachon France

Eglise Notre-Dame-des-Passes
Eglise Notre-Dame-des-Passes – Image Courtesy Pose Partage

It is one of the best places to visit in Arcachon with a beautiful edifice on top of a hill. When you move the top roof, you will have spectacular views of the surrounding which is enchanting at the same time. You will be able to see the Lighthouse of Cap Ferret and pier Moulleau which is quite amazing.

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These are some of the best places to visit in Archachon that offers a nice experience and a memorable trip of a lifetime. You must definitely visit these top attractions if you want to make the most out of your overseas vacation. The weather is pleasant throughout the year and the ideal time to visit the town would be from April to September. If you liked this post, you may share your valuable feedback in the comment section below. You may explore our site further for other interesting destinations in France.



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