America’s First Legal Marijuana Club to be opened in Denver

Denver city which is Colorado’s largest city is currently processing the first application for the opening up of First Legal Marijuana Club of Denver city in the form of a coffee shop. This is in line with the year before approval by voters of bring your own pot measure. Bring your own pot measure means that on selected restaurants/places the customers will be legally allowed to bring marijuana with them and consume it.

So effectively the restriction now would not be on consuming marijuana but on restricting the places where marijuana can be consumed. The coffee shop that has applied for the license, its coowners Rita Tsalyuk and Kirill Merkulov have planned to charge a payment of 5 dollars as entry fee. The shop would be selling items like food, beverages and will host events. In addition to this customers will be allowed to use edible pot products/vaporizing pens.

The permission of using marijuana may take some time to process and obviously these type of clubs will be far away from the school and college premises. The administration may take some months to process these applications and these marijuana clubs may be running live by mid 2018. Thats just a wild estimate.